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Who are we? Why we left Hellguards?

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Who are we? Why we left Hellguards?

Post by Throm on Thu Dec 23, 2010 2:00 pm

* We are the major builders of Gamer District side of Hellguards.
* Our ex-server named CroggesServer, was a TBC server and we decided to move to a good WoTLK server.
* We are the group who are displeased of current passive, quality devoid system of Hellguards.

It’s the story about separating from Hellguards for everyone:

A time came when Throm and 4-5 Hellguards more moved to Mystery Project aka current Gamer District. The reason was simple. Crogges was a server which you cannot be a player since the Admin himself doesn’t even care for his server. Throm, Haawk, Anduriel, Mandolina, Narelia, Gehenna, Chaosnuker and few other people rebuild the Hellguards in the server. Mandolina, Haawk and Anduriel even left their guilds to join Hellguards. Throm prepared ingame stuff with Mandolina's help to rebuild the guild itself which included ranks, bank, etc. Meanwhile, Mandolina made the new web page for recruitments.

Guild started to grow stronger each day with support of people came from Crogges. Throm, Mandolina and Narelia took care of the politics in guild. Rules, applications, membership system, etc. and so Hellguards became one of biggest Horde guilds in the server with Black Trains and Project Horde leading. Throm was "saving" more people from Crogges. He contacted them somehow (Skype, MSN, forum, etc). So 3/4 of the old crew was here once again.

Then a group of high members (from Crogges) seem bugged with the current state of the guild. Unknowingly, they started to judge current leaders of the guild (example: Narelia). The reason was clear. Some people who they didn't know at all, were controlling the guild. But was it posible to erase the past? You probably didn't know these people from Crogges but you also didn't know all the things they did in Gamer District while you were blowjobing Supremus in Crogges, right? So how can you judge someone who prepared your home before you come here as nothing.

A big separation happened between Crogges server players and Gamer District players. Crogges server Hellguards didn't like the current case of guild. Member names with high ranks whom they haven't even heard of their names before. But sure, time stopped until they decided to move to GD, right? Started spearing everything that had been made before. From rank names until member system, looting system, and current rules.

A meeting happened between Council members. Crogges server council members and Gamer District high members were there. Everything was fine so far. Then what happened? Crogges server council members decided that the Gamer District high members MUST be out of the council chat until WE decide them as council. Throm ofc was disappointed by their actions. Narelia and Gehenna stayed out of chat almost the whole meeting and Narelia was the person who came to the meeting with many ideas to support the guild and even put the meeting to GC himself. They also got upset.

Throm still didn't say anything and read the ideas they told. As it appears, Crogges server council wanted the "Crogges server Hellguards" in Gamer District as to which it was already. The guild was growing strong until then but without the direct aid of Throm, Narelia and Gehenna, the guild grew weaker inside just like a thirsty old wolf. Throm passed the lead to Sargeras like in Crogges server and went inactive for good. Mandolina was all alone now since the current council doesn't give a shit for the guild. After couple week Flamma Algor project started.

Forums and rules were redesigned. The aim was to make a "Hellguards" but a MMORPG guild, not like a kindergarden. The aim was not for gear, not for a perfect raid or smth. The major aim was to make a guild like a mature wolf with full of energy and will. They invited everyone who aren't pleased with the current case of Hellguards. PvP / PvE players, and all. Rifer and Liria supported them as PvP players. They had fresh ideas and cool personalities. And Flamma Algor became their official guild.
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